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Fearless Practitioners Boss Club

The FP Boss Club offers you regular time with Adrien each month in a group setting and MORE!

  • Get over your fears of being in private Practice with the free programs and resources included
  • Stay motivated with your community of peers in the Private Facebook Community
  • Keep on track with your plans and ideas on the Weekly Live Accountability calls
  • Move forward and take action from the Monthly Group Mastermind Training & Hot Seat Coaching sessions
  • Make plans to grow during the Quarterly Goal Setting Sessions
  • Boost your Professional development with the Annual VIP Intensive ½ day Workshop

The Good Mixed in with the Unknown

Starting a private practice is both exciting and scary. There’s so much you don’t know that you don’t know. It’s overwhelming trying to find what you need on the very noisy internet

Or maybe you are in the growing phase of your private practice. You just got over the hump of scheduling your first few clients which feels amazing, but then plateau that often follows is leaves you feeling lost. You wonder what changed, what you’re doing wrong, whether the first clients were just good luck.

Optimizing a full private practice is both reassuring and stressful. You worked so hard to get full and your time isn’t being spent in the ways you’d hoped. In fact, you don’t know where your time is going. Or your money. You have so much more of both than you used to and it still feels like not enough.

I’ve Been There & Know How To Change it

I’ve had private practices for over 10 years and a wild life during those years. Married with 3 step kids, husband started a company, chair of a national organization, and a very sad divorce while all growing a my own private practice. I’ve felt the freak out of no one calling, the complete overwhelm and on a hot mess express of running a practice, seeing clients, having a family, worry about how I am ever going to get everything done and sleep.

For a while now, I have coached clinicians individually and in small groups to help them build their dream practice. I’ve seen the same themes and struggles come up across all practice and in each type of clinical work.

Here’s what I’ve seen, there are 7 Things Prevent Private Practice Success

  • Not knowing where to start and letting fear get in the way of starting
  • Not knowing where the money will come from
  • Not Knowing How Get Referrals
  • Not Knowing How to get clients
  • Not Knowing How to keep clients
  • Not Having a plan with systems in place
  • Not Having support and guidance

The Fearless Practitioners Boss Club Helps with that and SO MUCH MORE!

What's the Fearless Practitioners (FP) Boss Club?

It’s a monthly Membership program designed to help you build your Dream Practice.

The Boss Club offers you access to all the information and peer support you need to grow a thriving practice. Courses, Training, the Opportunity for Individual Support, and a close-knit Community to help you build.

For a low monthly fee you get access to all the information and peer support you need to grow a thriving private practice.

  • Ready to Jump program (value $35)
  • Decoding Insurance Courses (value $50)
  • Private Facebook Community (value $1000)
  • Weekly Live Accountability calls (value $1000)
  • Monthly Group Mastermind Training & Hot Seat Coaching calls (value $2000)
  • Quarterly Goal Setting Session (value $500)
  • Annual VIP Intensive ½ day Workshop (value $500)
  • Handouts, checklists, resources and more (value $250)

All of this for only $50/ month or $495 per year.

You Can Have What You Want!



The key to success is to take action!

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Your Instructor

Adrien Paczosa, RD, LD, CEDRD-S
Adrien Paczosa, RD, LD, CEDRD-S

Adrien Paczosa is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian practicing in Austin, Texas and the surrounding counties. Adrien is also a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian Supervisor (CEDRD-S).

She opened her private practice, iLiveWell Nutrition Therapy, in 2007. To date, iLiveWell Nutrition has multiple locations and currently employees dietitians and therapist.

“Creating better access to dietitians!” has been one of the driving forces of Adrien’s companies. In 2016, Adrien began developing an online training academy to coach dietitians to build private practices. She launched her podcast, Fearless Practitioners, in 2018 to continue to motivate and educate dietitians to start their dream practice.

Courses Included with Purchase

Decoding Insurance for Dietitians
How to get on insurance panels and begin the process
Adrien Paczosa, RD, LD, CEDRD-S
Jumping Into Private Practice
Adrien Paczosa, RD, LD, CEDRD-S

Original Price: $35

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the progam start and finish?
Your membership starts immediately and you receive access to all the resources right away as well as the monthly group calls.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as your monthly or annual membership is paid and up to date.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
While there are no refunds for the membership program, you can cancel your membership at any time. Simply email Adrien at [email protected] and we can cancel your membership right away. You will still have access to the end of the current term, monthly or annually.
Am I required to be in attendance for all sessions?
Attendance and completing the tasks are required for the Boss Club. This is the way you will get the most benefit from being in this program. It is about taking action, not watching on the sidelines.

As a member of the Boss Club, you also get thee Build your Dream Practice and Private Practice Paperwork programs for 50% off. Once you are in the Club you can ask Adrien for your special coupon codes.

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