Getting over your fearful mindset to start your dream practice

When I was just realizing my dream to create my own business, I had the same fears, worries, and doubts as you might be having right now. Let's be real, I still have a ton of worries and fears. I would be worried if you did NOT have fears. Last week I was at the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics conference and expo and had so many practitioners asking about what it is really like in private practice. Or what the steps are in order to start a practice. So many questions! I just loved it!

In today's post I want us to chat about the fears that can get in our way of starting that dream practice and how we can shift that mindset and find the support we need.

What Fears Do You Have?

When starting anything new it can be terrifying I wanted to share a few of the biggest fears I heard from those thinking of starting their practice.

  • What if I start my practice and no one comes to it?

  • What if I do everything wrong?

  • How will I find clients?

  • The "legal" stuff, where do I even begin?

  • What about insurance?

There could be a million more. First off I want you to know this is normal and please have them. It means you are actually on the right path. Keep up the good work! Next, I want you to not feel like these fear are true or crippeling. Each fear you have can be worked though and figured out. It might take time time and good old hard work, and yet it will all be fine in the end! What I want you to do today is get that crap out of your head. Spend some time just writing out all those fears so they stop getting in your way.

You Are Enough!

Perhaps you feel you don't have enough skill or experience. . . . enough time . . . enough support. - What I say to all that…

FALSE!!! You have more than enough skills, talent and brain power to build a private practice. Shoot you had enough skills to find this blog and read it.

I've felt it all - and I am here to tell you that YOU ARE cut out for this. YOU DO have enough skill and experience. YOU WILL find the time and the support. The process of starting a private practice does take time and having a well thought out plan with steps laid out in the right order. I know you will find the time to make all this happen.

HOWEVER. . . not if you keep telling yourself "I'm not ready yet."....Then you might never get to live your dream job.

YOU ARE READY - and let me show you just how ready you are! Come hang out with me this week for some mindset shifts and even more insight on how get over yourself & fears.