Ready to take that big step into anything from starting your practice to quitting your full time job can feel so good and brings a huge smile to your face. We all know what that feeling feels like. When we are 100% certain about our decision and ready to move forward. Usually that decision has taken time to cultivate and grow into action and along the way you might have spent time thinking about your why. Or I hope you have thought about your why! In today's blog post we are going to go into depth looking at your why for jumping into private practice.

Questioning Why

I am going to be talking about starting your practice as the big life change and these exercise can be used on any life change. Feel free to interchange them the way you need them.

You are about to make a HUGE life shift, get excited! When you start to think about that life change do you get butterflies in your tummy and feel all gitty and a bit nauseous? Good! That's exactly what you should be feeling when you are on the right path to follow your dreams. It will feel excited and scary all at once. I like to call is joy terror! In order to get to you true why I want you to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Why are you wanting to leave your current job?
  • Why are you wanting to put in more work and effort into starting a practice?
  • What will starting your practice proved your life? (more time with family, more $$, more???)
  • How will having a private practice change the way you feel about your work?
  • If you don’t start your practice how will you continue in your current job?

Why Statement

Now we know why in the world you are about to undergo a HUGE life change, let’s create your statement. This statement needs to be clear and direct. You should be able to recite it as easy as your elevator pitch and it would bring about a feeling of excitement! My why statement is To create better access to dietitians! Seriously, this lights a fire in my heart and gets me so excited about everything I do. This is why I am writing a blog on a Sunday afternoon when it is bright and sunny outside, because I truly want there to be more of YOU private practice! What are you beyond passionate about that you are willing to give up a beautiful day to work on? When you think about this topic do you feel you could get on a soap box and talk for hours?

Take Action!

Y’all know I am all about taking action in your practice daily! I want you to write out your why statement TODAY! Yes today! Right after you are done reading this post do it! It honestly should not take you that long when you are crystal clear on your direction and goals. Once you have written out your why statement share it in the comments below! I would love to hear why you are wanting to start your practice and build your dream career!

Leave your why statement in the comments below