I am beyond scared of haunted houses, scary movies, or pretty much my own shadow! I won’t be the one telling you to charge into your biggest fears without doing your do diligence and researching everything and having a plan. And I will be the one telling you that if you are 100% sure that you are wanting to accomplish something then you need to suck up that fear and figure it out. In today’s blog post I want to talk about what it truly means to overcome fear of starting your practice and a few things you can try today to get you closer to that goal.

Flipping Your Mindset

All too often we feel that we need to be hustling in order to be successful. Don't get me wrong, there will be days of hard work and long hours, and we also want to make sure you are building your practice for the right reasons. The best way to flip your mindset is to do your own work.

Start by working on YOU and how you view yourself and your heart. As a helping practitioner, we are to be caring for others and guiding them towards their goals, and we need to also have done some of this work ourselves. If you have not started this journey of self work, what are you waiting for. It can be some of the most powerful and educational work of your life.

Intentions vs Motivation

What truly is the between motivation and intentions. I have heard that motivation is driven by fear and intentions are driven by your spirit. Starting a practice with the intention of what is driven by your heart and soul can be a million times more fulfilling that building a practice with the base of fear. It also provides so much more of a calm and motivational space.

What would it be like for you to write out all the feelings of what it would be like to walk into your practice right now? Can you imagine the how the office looks, smells, or feels? When you think about working with clients,in your space, do you feel excited? Be inspired by those feeling and use that as your driving factor and just see what can come your way.

I believe in Myself

I define my version of success as…

Have you ever taken the time to define success for yourself? Today, while you are on your commute home or when you have a quiet moment, use that time to day dream and begin to formulate what success means to you.

Success to me may look very different to success for another person. Yet not having a clear picture of success for yourself can be hard to know where you are going. It doesn’t matter what others believe for you, it only matters what you believe for yourself.

No regrets. Happiness. Joy. Fulfillment. These are within my reach because I say they are, and I’ve built a life based on the belief and feelings that I can do it with persistence.

Take away on Shifting Your Mindset

Know your vision and the feelings behind them

See your big picture and a step-by-step plan to be persistent in your intentions

Know your intentions

Find alignment in your heart, soul, and mind towards your dreams

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