This post was published in September 2017, and I made a few updates on things I have learned and needed to share with you now.

When you think of marketing your private practice online there are so many different avenues you can take and there are some that are "sexier" than others. When starting your practice we want to have the easiest way to market with the lowest investment to build up your presence and authority. With all that being said, if you are like me, I really had no idea what any of that meant and just thought I needed to be posting on Facebook and everything would be amazing.

While social media is a great tool for promoting your private practice, it isn’t the only tool you can use to connect with new clients and existing ones. In today's post, I want to share a few ideas that you can start with today's to slowly build up your online presences and build you as an expert in your community.

Blogging & Newsletter

One key principle that took me a bit to really get past in marketing is clients want to get to know YOU!. Yes, they want to know you are qualified to be giving them advice. Your presence online must be authentic to your brand and you. By keeping you a part of your brand I promise it will even be more fun!

Let's start blogging! Blogging was such a mindset mountain I had to get over. With my history of dyslexics and always being a horrible writer, I would dread when it was time to blog. I would come up with great excuses and tell myself blogging really didn’t matter and would not have any effect on my company.

Here are the facts about blogging:

  • Build your online credibility as an expert
  • Adds to your website
    • Google like to see websites that are growing all the time and points clients to websites that are active
    • This is called SEO (search Engine Optimization)- meaning your website becomes easy to find
  • Develops and grow customer relationships
    • People get to know you through your words and images to build up the know, like, trust factor
  • When you become and expert blogger you could turn this into a side revenue (not me yet- and will point you to places to learn how)
  • You are able to have content for your newsletter (double win!)

Ask for Reviews

On your Google map page, there is the place for reviews. Ask friends, family, and clients (only to use initials) to write a review of what it is like to work with you. Also on Yelp do the same thing. What this does is to again help to build up your online expert presence along with your SEO. The more the internet sees your companies name and people commenting about it and saying positive things about than your company will show up in searches faster and on the top of the page.

When you send an email and in your waiting room have a link or information on how to write a review. You can even have it on your social media channels to continue to build up buzz and positive vibe about your company.

Let's get social

I purposefully put social media as the last topic to talk about because it truly should be the last priority in your on-line marketing plan. The reason is you need to have a clear and thought out plan for all your marketing to build up a positive social media presence. Once you have your professional pages set up (really strongly recommend you have a professional profile because you can dose much more with professional than personal), then building up your page through a post that targets your ideal client. Keep in mind to continue to be you in your posting and using hashtags appropriately.

One of the keys to building up a following is to keep people engaged. Don't just post and walk away. Post, ask questions, get your audience talking to you and you engaging with them. Don't worry about a number of followers worry about how your post are with building up engagement.

Once you have your professional pages going, leave a comment below with your professional link so we can like and support your work!

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