When starting out in private practice I remember I would work with ANYONE! I was open to seeing all types of clients because I was so worried about making money and paying for life. After awhile I noticed that was no fun because I spent so much time on each client researching everything and they would only see me for one stinking’ session. Once I moved into eating disorders I slowly gave myself permission to not see ALL type of clients. It was scary because I thought I was going to lose out on potential money.

In this weeks blog post we are going to talk about the value of getting really specific on who you want to work with and how to figure out who is your ideal client.

Finding Your Ideal Client

Do you remember that book children's book Are you My Mother by P. D. Eastman (Dr. Seuss)? This book reminds me of what it can feel like to find your ideal client. First off there is a million and one different words for your ideal client, avatar, lifer,etc. Whatever you call this person is no big deal. The big deal is getting crystal clear on who they are, what they are like and how you can help and serve them.

Step 1

First, I want you to think back to school or even right now and all the type of clients that you have seen, and answer these questions:

  • Who is your FAVORITE type of client to work with? (who can have 3)
    • Mine is eating disorders, mental health, and some athletes
  • What type of client do you not prefer working with?
    • Mine renal, pediatrics, and mother baby clients

Step 2

Second, when you work with these clients what are some of your favorite ways to serve them? I am going to come from this as a dietitian and I want to you come from this question as your profession. It might be meal planning, recipe development, or even grocery store tours.

Step 3

Lastly, and this is the scary part, I want you to narrow into ONE person. Tell me their story and everything about them. The reason for this very specific exercise is it will make all your marketing wording, blogging, and social media post bananas easy! I want to know everything about this person from where they live, favorite way to hang on line, their favorite grocery store, their favorite TV show. Age, gender, family, kids/ no kids, animals- get CRAZY detailed.

When I did this I was freaked out because I was worried I was going to limit my reach, but in fact I was able to be more authentic and my messaging came across in a manner that resonated with my ideal client faster.

Now that you have this very narrowed in ideal client you will know exactly how to communicate with them. All you post, blogs, marketing material is like you are writing to that one person. I promise it make life so much easier!

Leave a comment below about how this exercise was for you? Was this helpful in identifying your ideal client?